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Brennan Moy Media (AKA BMM INC.) Terms of Use.

General Terms of Use and End User Licensing Agreement

By using our apps you agree to the following awesome terms and ideas and maybe even some "condtions for use"..

Here at the BMM Inc. we believe in providing quality app experiences and have been doing so since way back in 2006

It is with that spirit of excellence that we extend a total license to all our users for any content that you create using our apps. Even though all of our sound effects and image files are property of BMM Inc. as are our logos, artwork and icons. So if you want to say use our trademarked logos and app name and stuff we'd appreciate an email at the contact below.

All the stuff you make with those apps though are yours to share and use for commercial purposes. For instance if you take a picture in Masterpiece Me! and use one of our filters and then want to use that image in a commercial or a Youtube video. Of course! Feel Free! If it's like an instagram or whatever we always appreciate a shoutout or a tag!

Subscription and in-app purchase Terms

We are always interested in new methods of how to support our apps and ourselves and we just hate to advertise on our products but hey, we can't think of any other way to still make a profit on (mostly) free software. That is why we are in the process of offer renewing subscriptions for all our apps to get you the best price for our service.

Want to unlock the premium features and really try out the full app? To thank you we are going to remove the ads for as long as you have a subscription, and with introductary pricing you can try out the full features in some of our apps for as low a as .49 cents for the first 6 months and then 99 cents a year after that. Use that full featured app at flexible no-risk pricing that works for you!

Or if you are a power user or just hate ads as much as we do you can unlock the full features of most of our apps forever for $1.99 to $9.99 and as a thank you for your purchase we will remove all third party ads forever and ever. These prices are just examples of course and are only the prices we have set in the US store and will vary from country to country.